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Par Marc-antoine allard
Ecole de Communication Visuelle (Lille)
Le 09.07.2017

Across centuries, the scarf has represented an universal and timeless medium of expression, while gradually becoming a major fashion accessory. Whether used as a sign of protection or of concealment, of recognition or of belonging, of oppression or of revolt, its absolute simplicity offered it countless variations, and each community gave it its own fonctions and symbolisms.

For my diploma project, I decided to seize this medium and to study its cultural impact through time and space by putting its different origins and uses in the spotlight. This tribute is made through the creation of a handmade book entitled Fonction , for which I created every content, text and images, and which prime ambition is to uncover and sublimate this culture of the scarf.

Silk Hardcover
25x30cm, 280 pages

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